Natalja E. Kent

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 2003      School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honors, Photography


Feminine Rule                                                                                             2016

Tarot Society, Brooklyn, NY

Static Transmission                                                                          2015-2016

186 Carpenter, Providence RI

Humble Arts Foundation Group Show 47: Space Jamz                       2015

Raid The Database 1                                                                                  2015

RISD Museum, Digital Presentation,Providence, RI

Rhode Island State Council on the ArtsFellowship Exhibit                 2015

Dodo Hamilton Gallery, Salve ReginaUniversity, Newport, RI

Two Timer                                                                                                   2014

Columbus Theatre, Providence, RI

100                                                                                                               2014

Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket, RI

Living As Form                                                                                           2014

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts,Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

Fortune Underneath                                                                                 2012

186 Carpenter, Providence, RI

Feminine Object                                                                                        2012

Dirt Palace, Providence,RI

Rhode Island State Council on the ArtsFellowship Exhibit                 2011

Westerly Co-operativeGallery, Westerly, RI

Night For Day                                                                                             2010

AS220 Project Space,Providence, RI

Yesterday, Today andTomorrow                                                         2009

Stairwell Gallery,Providence, RI

Secret Rooms of the DirtPalace Pt.3                                                  2008

Space 1026,Philadelphia, PA

New Obstructions                                                                                2008                            

MercantileBlock, Providence, RI

Secret Rooms of the DirtPalace Pt. 2                                                 2008

PS1 MOMA, WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution

Queens, New York

Secret Rooms of the DirtPalace Pt. 1                                                 2007

Hera Gallery, Westerly,RI

Art of Music                                                                                         2007

Secret Project Robot,Brooklyn, NY

Memory Mouth                                                                                     2007

DV, Olympia, WA

Dirty Hands                                                                                          2006

Cinders Gallery,Brooklyn, NY

Absorb Viral FantasyAttack (AVAF)                                                    2006

Hiromi Yoshii, Tokyo,Japan

AVAF XII                                                                                              2005

Tate Liverpool,Liverpool, England

AVAF XI                                                                                               2004

Rosa De la CruzCollection Space, Key Biscayne, FL

Possessions in the Waves                                                                   2004

Cincinnati ContemporaryArt Center, Cincinnati, OH

Unframed First Look                                                                            2004

Sean Kelly, New York, NY

Underexposed                                                                                     2004

Tyler Gallery, TempleUniversity, Philadelphia, PA

Hearth and Home                                                                                2003

Visual Arts Gallery, NewYork, NY

 Many Many                                                                                          2003

School of Visual Arts,New York, NY

John Knows Best                                                                                 2003

White Box Annex, NewYork, NY

Four                                                                                                     2002

Visual Arts Gallery, NewYork

Still in the Dark                                                                                    2002

Visual Arts Gallery, NewYork, NY


Rhode Island State Council on the Arts                                              2014

Aaron Siskind Photography Fellowship Award

Tuesday Terrs                                                                                    2008-14

Self-Published Zine

Rhode Island Council on the Arts                                                       2011

Photography Merit Award

Bloodhuff                                                                                             2011

Cassette Tape, PriceTapes

Modern Women, Women Artists at the                                                 2010

Museum of Modern Art, Book

A And P Quarterly                                                                               2008

Interview with the Women of the DirtPalace

Querent V                                                                                            2008

Book of Drawings with CD

Furrows – The Good Good                                                                  2007

CD, Menlow Park Records

The Good Good/ Japanther                                                                 2007

Vynil 7”, Tapes Records         

The Good Good/ Querent,Japan Release                                          2007                           

 The Good Good/ ChocolatBilly,                                                         2007

 Vinyl 12”, Hand-made ArtInsert/Packaging

 The Good Good/ Api Wiz,                                                                    2006

 Vinyl 12”, Silk-ScreenedArt Insert/Packaging

Women Photographers of IO Donna Magazine                                 2005

IO Donna Magazine, Rizzoli

 A Fem Era – The GoodGood                                                               2003

 Vinyl 12” and Book

 In Magazine                                                                                           2003

 Guest Artist Feature

 Sillas S. RhodesScholarship Award                                                     2002

Photography Departmental Scholarship                                             2002

School of Visual Arts,Honors Society Award                                 2000-03


Bobbing Heads -- In conjunction with the Dirt Palace/Living as Form          2014

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University

Moon Water                                                                                         2014

Summer Street Dinner Theater, Providence, RI

HotBox with Ligtning Bolt                                                                    2010

Todd P. Brooklyn Showcase, Brooklyn, NY

Querent as a Part of The Dirt Palace Performance                             2008

PS1 MOMA, WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution,

Queens, New York

Querent – New Bloods and Lucky Dragons                                         2006

The Smell, L.A., CA

The Good Good (in conjunction with AVAF)                                       2005

Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, England

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